• Views Theming Tutorial
    This is the views theming tutorial. The objective of this tutorial is to present some of the basic ideas behind exactly how views theming is done. In this lesson you'll learn specifically how to theme a table view, a teasers view and a list view. We'll break out of the norm a little with the list view so that you can see just how flexible the system potentially is. A video has been provided for this tutorial. You may find it here.


  • Integrating Views and Image Gallery Modules
    Views is a fantastically powerful module! For those of you who haven't played with it in the past, you definitely should. Now I'm a big proponent of doing things the same way as much as possible (technically speaking). If you don't have to hunt and peck all over creation for what you're looking for, I deem it a good thing. With that said, the image_gallery.module leaves some to be desired. It does some great work for us, true, but the way it goes about it is entirely different from they way that one might like it to be done. What follows is a method that will allow you to control your image galleries via views, and still retain the nice feature set of image gallery.